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How Bail Works

For immediate help with Imperial County bail bonds at the El Centro jail, speak to an expert bondsman at Adelante Bail Bonds 24 hours a day at 760-230-0194.

We can help you to learn more about how bail works, flexible payment options and no-collateral bail bonds.

Bail is set as an amount that will allow the defendant to go about daily life while awaiting court dates, but will guarantee the defendant returns to face changes.

A bail bond is a legally binding contract between a licensed bondsman and the client. Together, they will ensure that the defendant goes to court.

Imperial County Release Options

When someone is arrested and detained in Imperial County there are several ways in which they can be released from the El Centro Jail.

  • Cash Bail – If someone wishes to be released from custody via cash bail someone will need to post the full amount of the defendant’s bail in the form of cash or a cashier’s check at the jail. As long as the defendant makes all of their necessary court appearances this money will be returned, less administrative fees, to the person who posted it once the case is concluded.  This process can oftentimes take several months and sometimes years.   If the defendant fails to appear this money is considered forfeited.
  • Bail Bond – El Centro bail bonds are an alternative form of posting cash bail. When someone learns a friend or family member has been arrested they will most typically call an expert El Centro bail bondsman for assistance.   For a fee, the bondsman will post a guarantee bond with the jail that promises the defendant will return to court when required.  The bail bond contract also promises that if the defendant willfully fails to appear that the full bond amount will be paid to the court.  The cost to purchase a bail bond in Imperial County is 10% of the total amount of a defendant’s bail.  This means that if someone’s bail has been set at $20,000, you can expect to pay an El Centro bail bondsman $2,000 for their services — which tends to be more reasonable than posting the full $20,000.
  • Property Bond – If someone owns a piece of property that has equity equal to twice the amount of a defendant’s bail, another option is to post the property as collateral to the court.  As long as the defendant goes to court when needed, the deed will be returned at the close of the case.  Property bonds require the property owner obtain a notarized promissory note, notarized Deed of Trust, a current appraisal and a number of other supporting documents.  Posting a property bond can take about 60-90 days to complete.
  • Own Recognizance – When someone is released on their “own recognizance” (O.R.) it means they are released from jail without needing to post bail.  The judge simply requires they promise to appear for court.  O.R. releases are infrequent.
  • Cite Out- When a person receives a cite out they will not need to seek out the services of an El Centro bail bondsman.  In this case the arresting officer simply issues them an on-the-spot citation and requires they promise to appear in court.  Cite outs may be issued for very minor offenses such as being drunk in public or first-time DUI.

If you have questions about El Centro bail bonds and how to get the person you care for out of jail fast call 760-230-0194 now to be connected to an expert Imperial County bail bondsman. 

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Updated:  07/14/2015