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Federal Bail Bonds

Few bail bond companies in Imperial County offer Federal bonds.

If you know someone who has been charged with a Federal crime, you will want to work with an expert Imperial County bail bondsman in order to get them out of jail.

If the defendant has been charged with a federal crime, you’ll need to work with someone who specializes in federal bail bonds and can interact directly with your attorney in the case.

Call 760-230-0194 now to be connected to a licensed federal bail bondsman for El Centro District Court.

US District Court El Centro

The Southern District of the the federal courts has a local courthouse in El Centro.

USDC El Centro
U.S. District Court
Southern District of California
2003 W. Adams Ave, Ste 220
El Centro, CA 92243

Those being held on federal cases are held at the Imperial County Jail in El Centro.

Federal Bail Bonds vs. Criminal Bail Bonds

Imperial County federal bail bonds are similar to criminal bonds in that they both allow for a defendant to be released from jail pending trial.  There are two significant differences.

  • Federal Bail Bonds Cost:  The California State Department of Insurance oversees bail bonds companies and they set the rate at which bondsman are permitted to charge their customers.  For California criminal bonds, that cost is 10% of the total amount of a defendant’s bail.  For federal bail bonds, the cost has been set at 15%.  Federal bonds require approval of a judge and oftentimes have a greater associated risk.
  • Federal Bail Bonds Require Collateral:   Although most of our Imperial County clients are relieved to learn they are eligible for no-collateral bonds, those needing federal bail bonds will need to post collateral in order to move forward with the process.

If you have questions about Imperial County federal bail bonds, how bail works, or how to get things started call our office. All calls are handled confidentially and consultations are always free.

For federal bail bonds assistance, call 760-230-0194 now to learn how we can help you get the person you care for out of jail fast.

Updated:  07/14/2015