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Clients repeatedly compliment us on our professionalism, which they don't expect from a bail bondsman. Our customer service focus helps the defendant and family endure an already challenging situation. All of our bondsmen are licensed, expertly trained and highly professional.

What is a Bail Bond?

FAQ: What Exactly Is A Bail Bond?

A bail bond legally binding contract. Many people think that the bondsman is taking a trunk load of cash to the jail, however, in reality the bond is a piece of paper that is posted by a licensed bondsman at the El Centro Jail that promises the defendant will return to court. It further promises that if the defendant fails to appear the bondsman and the person who co-signed the contract will get the defendant back into the court system.

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A bail bond is a piece of paper that’s posted at the jail by an expert Imperial County bail bondsman.  Every person who transacts bail in the state of California is required to be licensed by the California Department of Insurance.  This means you can think of a bond as being similar to an insurance policy.

Instead of renters insurance or auto insurance, which cover items, a bail bond is an insurance policy on someone’s actions.  It promises the jail that if the defendant is released pending trial they will return to court when required in order to have their case resolved.  If the defendant decides they do not want to take care of their case and instead decides to flee, the bondsman agrees to take responsibility for getting the defendant back into the system.   If they are unable to do so within a six-month time period, the bondsman will need to pay the full bail amount to the court as a penalty.

Every time a bond is posted the bail agency who arranged it takes on a certain amount of liability.  This is why bondsmen charge a fee for the service they provide.

If you do not want to hire an Imperial bail bondsman another alternative would be taking the defendant’s full bail amount to the jail, in cash.  The jail would hold onto the money and as long as the defendant makes all their court appearances, it would be returned to the person who posted it at the end of the case.  Most people do not have immediate access to large sums of cash and find working with a bondsman is the fastest and easiest way to get someone out of jail.

For El Centro jail bail bonds information, call a bondsman now: 760-230-0194.

Updated:  05/15/2012